Sex is nice and healthy when you are in a relationship especially when you are in a marriage. In fact, it plays a crucial role in your married life. Sex brings physical intimacy that leads to emotional intimacy. While sex toys can be a good substitute whenever you are not in the mood while your hubby wants it, you need to understand the idea of “maintenance sex.”  

Maintenance sex is having sex even if you don’t like it so long as your partner needs it, and vice versa. This is to make sure that both of you are satisfied in this aspect as it helps builds the marriage on a long-term basis.  

The following will provide you a profound explanation of why maintenance sex is important: 

1. There will be a need to compromise 

There will be times when one partner does not feel to have sex while the other one wants to, and it is rare for two people to have matching sex drives. In order to make things work, both of you need to compromise and the partner that has lower libido needs to compensate, while the partner who has higher libido needs to have realistic expectations, for the both of them to meet a middle ground – this is where maintenance sex plays its role.  

2. You will end up enjoying in the end 

Even if you are not in the mood, do not worry, and just allow it to happen. Maintenance sex is designed to keep both of you satisfied and contented. Even if you think you’re giving too much effort just to have sex with your partner amid the “lack of mood”, you will feel better after the activity. However, if you lack the ability to feel orgasm anymore, we recommend that you go to the doctor and have a therapy for the betterment of your relationship.  

Again, sex is like eating good food or exercising; you might lack the will at first but carry on and you will find yourself liking it during and after the activity. Sex, after all, makes you release endorphins that alleviate your mood. 

3. It breeds intimacy 

Physical contact creates emotional intimacy. It makes you feel closer to your partner and it is the most intimate physical activity you can do with him/her. Without sex, losing sight of your connection will become easy. It becomes a tool for both of you to check in with your partner and your connection on a regular basis.  

having sex while feeling your partner caresses, feeling him/her in top of you, smelling her/his skin and hair, will bring you back into that loving mind-set. And you will fall all over again to the person you swore an oath with.  

Final thoughts 

Having maintenance sex is very crucial to your relationship and your marriage, and it is an effective tool to remind both of you how you mean to each other. So, as a piece of advice, you need to make sex as a part of your weekly, if not daily, schedule.